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Image: ABIFR / Sonya Dyer

Hailing Frequencies Open

Hailing Frequencies Open intersects Nichelle Nicols’ astronaut recruitment activism, the dubious genesis of ‘HeLa’ cells and the Greek myth of the Ethiopian Andromeda (also a galaxy) – combining social justice with speculation, fantasy with the political.

In the 1970s Nicols developed a programme, which enabled the first American woman in space and the first Black man in space. HeLa cells – taken unknowingly from the body of a Black American women named Henrietta Lacks – hold scientific significance as they are ‘immortal’ and can reproduce under practically any circumstances. These cells were the first human materials sent into Space – by the Soviets in 1960.

HFO builds a world (through film, performance and sculpture) wherein the HeLa cells are still in Space – and travelling towards Andromeda. Andromeda metaphorically embodies the reclamation of the neglected stories of Black women of science and myth.



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