Current Research

ABIFR, Nottingham

ABIFR Nottingham branch. Photo credit: Ben Harriott

Image: ABIFR (Nottingham), Into the Future, Primary, Nottingham (2015). Credit: Ben Harriott

Who creates the future?

The …And Beyond Institute for Future Research (ABIFR) (ABIFR) is a peripatetic think tank concerned with the creation of possible futures,rethinking the history of space travel as an intersectional feminist activity.

Inspired by the ways in which Speculative Fiction creates fictive narratives have the potential to form reality, my research explores the political, aesthetic and social ramifications of imagining ‘The Future.’

ABIFR is a performative, generative structure that utilises and subverts notions of institutional legitimacy. It collapses ‘fact’ and ‘fiction’ towards creating a genealogy of Space travel that is founded on Black female intellectual and bodily labour, as a means of bringing about a future where the ‘centre’ is located at what is currently the ‘margins.’

Work produced takes the form of a performative pedagogy, working with communicative technologies including the performance lecture, video, radio and text, as well as public facing platforms. ABIFR is  think tank as artistic proposition, engaged with the practice of research as a public act, creating visions of possible futures.

Collaborative and open-ended, the ABIFR works collaboratively and across disciplines. As a play on the impulse towards ‘institutional legitimacy’, ABIFR is a statement of artistic knowledge production. How can the think tank be manipulated, subverted and ultimately utilized for the purposes of research-led practice?

Who claims the right to frame our perceptions of the future?



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