The Paul Robeson Research Station


‘Freedom or Slavery,’ artist ‘performing’ research, producing associative maps for the OHP (right) and engaging with the public. On table, a Paul Robeson Black Russian tomato plant donated by a member of the public, painting. On wall, quote in vinyl.


The Sheffield Socialist Choir perform in the gallery


Donated Paul Robeson Black Russian tomato plant


Still from ‘Paul Robeson Strasse,’ (2010)

A selection of images from The Paul Robeson Research Station, a’PLATFORM’ residency / exhibition at Site, Gallery Sheffield (2011). The gallery became a temporary centre of research on Paul Robeson as a model of artists political and cultural agency. Exhibition consisted of text, film, music, painting, video and public events (with The Sheffield Socialist Choir, Prof. Lynda Morris, Dr Becky Shaw and Beverley Humphries from Paul Robeson Wales Trust.)

Text by Dr Sophie Hope –

2 thoughts on “The Paul Robeson Research Station

  1. So wish my family had seen this. Our grandma was a pen friend of Paul and Essys. We have letters and photos which may have been of interest.

    1. Wow! That’s amazing Gillian, thanks so much for your comment. I met so many people whose parents were friends of Robeson’s during the project – such great stories. I also met a (at the time) 94 year old friend of his, who had some great stories about legendary pub crawls in Wales…

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