Rewriting the Future, Site Gallery 2019

In an age where wealth controls our systems of power and the world is ruled by patriarchal societies, feminist speculative perspectives can offer new insights, predictions and even possible alternatives.

Speculative and science fiction have always been spaces where futures are explored, questioned and proposed and, as with many disciplines, is an area where many creative and talented women, trans and queer perspectives have been overlooked. Feminist artists and writers have long been presenting new angles on gender, power, ecology and community and this exhibition explores some of those narratives.

Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England, by the Elephant Trust and the Centre for Afrofuturist Studies.


Andromeda Mission: Anarcha Prototype II (2019)

Fibreglass, polyurethane foam, PVC foamboard, MDF, mild steel, aluminium, Black 2.0 acrylic paint

Soundtrack: Andromeda’s Suffering, Alice Coltrane (1972). With kind permission of Universal Music

  • Andromeda Mission: Anarcha II
  • Hailing Frequencies Open - Installation View
  • Hailing Frequencies Open - Installation View
  • HFO: Dr Green